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您可以直接在UDR官方網站上訂購產品,或加入我們的[email protected]帳號




You can order products directly on the UDR official website, or join our LINE

ID@udr9999 to connect with us. Also, you can

[click this website] 

we provide services to send products overseas.




UDR official website can send designated products to overseas,  click on "International Express" at the time of checkout and select the country you want to ship to. Note that foreign shipping charges will be charged at checkout.



目前訂購商品,若需運送至海外,每張訂單限制最多金額為美金$ 500(約新台幣$ 15,000)(不含運費)。


If you need to send to overseas, the maximum amount of each order is US$500 (excluding shipping).

Remind you: Due to different customs regulations in different countries, in order to avoid the troubles caused by customs declaration, if you need many orders, it is recommended that you set up orders in batches according to customs regulations.







Overseas services are delivered by post office EMS or entrusted affiliates and designated agency services.

In order to deliver the goods to you as soon as possible, please fill in the address in English. If you are not completing the English language, UDR will cancel the order.

Delivery timeliness: Start after the system displays the shipment and receives the shipping notification letter.

Overseas buyers are not entitled to a free shipping offer!






According to the China Post international air parcel shipping cost calculation, please refer to the China Post Global Information website for the shipping cost standard.

The UDR official website calculates the shipping cost according to the actual weight and volume of the order details, which is slightly different from the actual shipping cost. We follow the shipping fee announced on the official website.

Overseas orders do not provide "cash on delivery" service.






Each transfer fee via international bank transfer is NT$400.

5% of the selling price per charge or Alipay.

The above handling fee is the actual payment quotation.




•For commodity health standards, please refer to Chunghwa Post Global Information Website.





When you receive the shipping notification, please log in to the Member Center > Order Inquiry, click the order number to enter the order details (check the package number in the order details).

You can click on the order history to check the delivery status.







•Overseas orders are not available for return or exchange. Be cautious before ordering。

•If overseas buyers return and pay the freight by themselves, UDR will reject it. Shipping and other charges will be borne by you at your own expense.

•If an overseas order needs to be cancelled due to out of stock, your card-issuing bank will charge you a handling fee. The handling fees charged by each bank are different. Please contact your card issuing bank.

•The company will not be liable for the failure of the customer to write the wrong address. In addition, if the customer requests that the product be sent to the correct address again, the company will also charge the customer for postage and other expenses.




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